Kortkommandon – AutoCAD. Allt som går att Vanliga, mycket användbara kortkommandon i AutoCAD. l – line pl – poly Pedit – Editera polylines, redigera en linje mer i detalj. För att hitta externa CAD-object, gå till sidan Material (2D).


AFAIK, the PLINE command generates the 2D Polyline (technically called LWPolyline) and as the name indicates, it can be drawn only in 2D. That means, suppose you are drawing a LWPolyline in XY Plane, you can not draw it to the Z axis on the go. On the other hand, 3DPOLY command generates the 3D Polyline (technically called Polyline) which can be drawn in any direction (XYZ). 2D polyline is good enough for drawings in 2D and 3D polylines can be used in places like 3D extrution path, for example.

Tool Palette/Tab:. kommandot Chamfer: ”Polyline/Distance/Angel/Trim/Method/